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        Desktop tablet! How to choose innovative Mini all-in-one machine?

        2021-08-25 14:11:39 hrt 5

        The emergence of mini all-in-one computers is not only the continuation of desktop computers, but an evolution of form. Before we mentioned computers, most people's cognitive views were mainly desktop computers, which was due to the immature hardware technology at that time. However, with the continuous upgrading and updating of hardware performance, a variety of mini chips have been developed, giving birth to many emerging products, such as the desktop tablet that we can see: Mini all-in-one.

        Mini all-in-one computer is a new form of mini computer, which integrates the core parts of the computer, such as CPU, memory, storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, functional interface, etc. into a PCBA board, and then integrates with the display screen. It abandons the original bulky host, saves more space for users, and has the same performance as the desktop, so that it can be better applied in many fields such as cashier, call, evaluation, office printing, industrial manufacturing, teaching and so on. For such a small mini computer, do you choose desktop? Or an all-in-one machine?

        Recommended model: 7-inch mini pc

        Hardware configuration: Intel Atom z3735f

        Screen: 7-inch IPS G + G 800x1280

        System: Windows / Android

        All in One PC,Industrial PC,Industrial Monitor